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The hardest thing about a virtual class is maintaining the awareness that you’re doing the right pose. Kaitlin both tells me how to position my body, but then also how it should feel. I’ve found that really helpful. Also, the pace is slow enough that I can make sure I am doing things right, but not so slow that I am bored or find it tedious. Finally, her classes impact my whole day every day. I feel like I do routine tasks with more awareness than ever before!

Liz K.

I started taking Kaitlin's class to improve my overall health. The movements in her classes are directly applicable to activities of daily living, so I'm able to transfer what I learn on the mat into the rest of my life. I have noticed improvements in bending over, squatting, lifting things, and even climbing stairs.

Mary A.

As a physical therapist, I am impressed with Kaitlin's knowledge of anatomy and muscle function. Her classes combine many elements in an integrative process that builds in a progressive manner. The style is appropriately challenging but not to the point of over doing it.  It combines strengthening, stretching and balancing  with great feedback from the instructor. Her classes keep me coming back every week!

Gina B.

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