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Private yoga sessions are a great way to ensure that you are moving to the best of your body's abilities. Group classes are fantastic, but the teacher cannot give you individualized attention the entire class. By becoming a private client, I can identify areas for improvement, give you concrete feedback and essentially become your movement coach!

What exactly does a private session entail?

  • An initial posture and movement assessment to identify pain points you may have and/or areas that could use improvement.

  • Virtual sessions on Zoom (or in-person in the Baltimore area when safe to do so).

  • Receive a unique 20-30 minute flow tailored to your body and its needs so that you can practice on your own, no matter where you are. Get this in a video format for additional $49.

  • 60 - 90 minute sessions depending on your preference.

  • Pricing from $85-$125 with options for individual and partner sessions.

  • Discounts available when sessions are bundled.

Interested? Send me a note by clicking the link below so we can chat!