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I am here to support you on your journey to better movement patterns and a quieter mind, a stronger body and a resilient mentality -- whatever your goals are, I will be your biggest cheerleader, and your proudest coach.

My current offerings are all taught using the LYT™ method. Developed by a physical therapist, this style is grounded in the principles of physical therapy and neurodevelopmental training to help you find freedom through smarter and safer movement patterns. I aim for my classes to be fun and uplifting with little moments throughout to recognize and feel the peace and ease of moving well. 

Teaching others how to find the power in their own bodies brings me joy. Seeing the metaphorical light bulb turn on in one of my client's minds makes me so happy. I have been through chronic injuries, feeling like my body was not my own, and I've come out the other side better for it. Now I love to share my ever-growing knowledge of bio-mechanics, anatomy, and functional movement with everyone. 

When I’m not creating a new yoga class or lifting heavy things, I am probably at home wishing I was traveling. My favorite trips have been on safari in Kenya and cross-country skiing in Finland inside the Arctic circle (yes, it was cold!!). My husband and I have a rescue dog, Basil, from Aruba, who has travelled with us to Abu Dhabi and back! On a Friday night you can find me eating a perfectly cooked al-dente pasta dish, drinking a jammy cab sav, and playing Scrabble with my crazy Italian-Irish-Indian family.

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